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Cotton Memorial Presbyterian Church was founded in 1888 as a mission of the Board of National Mission of the United Presbyterian Church. As we begin the second century as a part of the Presbyterian Church, USA, in Henderson, NC, we reaffirm our faith and revitalize our commitment to serve Jesus Christ as Head of our Church.

As a body of Christian believers, we are called to proclaim the word of God, to build up the body of Jesus Christ, and to become a servant people.

As a family of believers in Jesus Christ, we seek to love, to forgive, to worship, to serve, to teach, and to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of God's saving grace.

As a church, we celebrate our rich diversity of skills and talents and seek to reach out sincerely to all people including the youth, the elderly, the singles, the families, the homeless, the prisoners, the hungry, the illiterate, the drug dependent, and all others in loving Christian service.